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A must-read for anyone seeking to ignite their creative energy to dream big, visualize positive outcomes, and actualize their destiny.
— – Mark C. Coleman, bestselling and award-winning author of Time To Trust: Mobilizing Humanity for a Sustainable Future

What if starting today you embark upon a journey to live your truest, most passionate life as a successful entrepreneur? Practical suggestions, entrepreneurial insight from seasoned pros, healthy living tips, and wisdom acquired from the author’s twenty years of experience in leading others, provides a roadmap for you to achieve your greatest potential.

Combining practical suggestions with her advanced  knowledge of the powe rof thoughts, words, intentions, and affirmations, The Entrepreneurial Compass is an essential read for anyone hoping to make their dreams come true.”
— Traci Medford-Rosow, USA Today bestselling author of UNBLINDED

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Real life stories, wisdom lessons and reflection pause points are meant to inspire, provide insight and encourage balance in our lives. This book invites you to look beneath the surface, and "unearth" or explore aspects of yourself.

As we journey together, we realize there is a great power in rebirthing ourselves, dancing in life's possibilities and that all things are possible.


In this non fiction book, Laura Ponticello has interviewed women from all over the country to uncover first-hand what inspires them in their daily lives and how they tap into this inspiration.

Live the Life of Your Dreams: 33 Tips for Inspired Living is a collection of healing graces, healthy practices, and inspirational words to help readers on their path to empowerment as they explore achieving personal fulfillment.