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International award winning and best-selling author, coach, and publicist who believes love is the greatest weapon in our modern times.

Join me on the journey to self-discovery, transformation and claiming all you are destined for in this lifetime



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Best selling and award winning author, coach, and publicist to best-selling writers, Laura engages both individuals and large groups to foster success on a personal and professional level.

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Testimonials for The Entrepreneurial Compass



Best-selling and award winning author of Inflection Point: War and Sacrifice in Corporate America

“Not only does Laura offer concrete suggestions to aid the reader in the elusive transformative process, she gives them permission to do so.”


MSW, Conscious life Coach, and award winning author of Enchanted One: The Portal to Love

“Through The Entrepreneurial Compass, Laura validates, encourages and guides you to embrace the creative entrepreneur within you and claim the new paradigm of business for your company.”

At a time in our evolution when we are asked to be connected to one device or another, choose to sit with The Entrepreneurial Compass and you’ll be rewarded with new ideas for self-care and reminders of how important it is to pause in order to reach our goals. Laura’s years of experience shine through her new book guiding a path towards success while simultaneously leading us back to ourselves. A must read for anyone seeking the work-life balance

- Rachel Hogancamp, Managing Partner, Rasa Spa,

A remarkable book that helps guide readers to embrace and live out the mindful practices necessary for upgrading success.

- Dr. Pam Denton,  Intuitive Enterprises, LLC and Vision Pro Business Consultant,

She convinces us to believe that we are the creators of our destiny and dreaming big is essential to our success. If you’re looking for motivation to be your best self, Laura’s book will be transformational!

- Deborah J Cabral, The DeClutter Coach,  and Founder, DC Efficiency Consulting,

The Entrepreneurial Compass is an elevated companion on the path to self-discovery and self-mastery. Thank-you Laura for sharing your creative spark so eloquently and inspiring me to remember and explore mine.

Alicia Mooney, mom, massage therapist, retreat leader and creativity coach, A Centered Self,